Promotional  3 page

Ideal starter website to promote your 
business online including basic SEO Marketing

Professional  5 page

Full comprehensive website to promote your business online  including custom contact form Marketing setup

OK You want to make a start?  

E-Commerce 5 Page

For businesses that want to sell their products or services online and except card payments. 
Includes: Customer login, sales management and secure payment options
discount voucher facility and multiple currency

Setup & Design £250  
Monthly plan depending on Qty of products:  
50 items £15  
150 items £30  
300 items £40  
500 items £50

Most of our clients manage their online store that 
has cms themselves after our simple training

However you may not want to or have the time 
to do this and if you require us to do this for you we can. 

This would not only be updating and managing the products
 but also include changes to text. photographs, links, files, 
forms and seo marketing and more. 

We charge a flat hourly rate of £25 for this service 
and can give you a estimate quotation 
because of the depending on quantity of products 
you need updating. 

This can be done at anytime and we end-ever to 
perform this within 24 hours. 
The updates will be published immediately 

Content management system and 1-2-1 software training  Free with every E-Commerce Website  

Our E-commerce Contact Management System

  • Easy to use
  • Edit your online store from any pc anywhere
  • Create and paste edit text
  • Update or add images
  • View user statics
  • Manage product/services (stock control)
  • View orders and Customers
  • Accounting
  • Voucher management
  • Customer reviews

Remember you can add any of these features at anytime:

Counter- Counts your visitors & receive email reports showing you what pages, times & what they are doing

Forum- you and your visitors can leave comments and useful information 
about your business, help answers etc

Chat room - Instant chatting online again handy to keep in touch and answer customers 
queries quicker and easier than email helping to keep them on your site

Virtual Chat Assistant- Handy customer service which answers customers questions. 
Answers to common problems etc can be loaded into software database 
Blog/Wordpress news useful information about your business
links and useful way of encouraging customer interest and interaction 

Flash intro- Making an impact Used at the start of your website a movie
image introducing your business benefits etc before they reach your website pages

Banner adverts- used static or moving image advertisement to catch the 
eye of customers encouraging them to click the link to your website or email 

Search bar- Let your visitors search for terms within your site, 
database software saving them time 

Image gallery- slideshow of photographs and images ideal for when you have
many images to show without taking up too much space 

Presentation- Put your business across in a slideshow containing images 
and text grab your visitors attention 
Movie- Add interesting movie demonstrations etc can link to Youtube 
get customers who view your movie 
Gadgets- Other marketing techniques for your visitors or customers to 
keep them in contact with you  include: Toolbar,  Add to favourite link, 
Save you as their home page

Custom made for your requirement

Flash Movie- Add interesting movie demonstrations custom made includes images
text, graphics